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Introducing Rainbow Fun Charms for the Rainbow Loom and Rubber Band Bracelets

The Rainbow Loom is the hottest new toy for kids. Upgrade your Twist Bandz Rainbow Loom bracelets with Rainbow Fun Charms! If you have been looking for where to buy charms for your Rainbow Loom kits, look no further! You can find charms for your Rainbow Loom at Rainbow Fun Charms look great with any Rainbow Loom bracelet design. Rainbow Fun Charms come either in a 2-Clip Connector pack or a 1-Clip Hanging Pack. Each pack comes with a variety of charms.

The 2-Clip Connector charms lay flat and connect both ends of your Rainbow Loom bracelet. These charms come in a variety with 9 charms in each:

• Animal pack: panda bear, pig, horse, cow, penguin, frog, cat, brown monkey, and dog
• Beach pack: dolphin, turtle, pink sandal, alligator, whale, fish, blue polka dotted sandal, skeleton head, and rubber ducky
• Happy pack: heart, butterfly, bubble bee, ladybug, flower, unicorn, happy face, shamrock, and star
• Peace pack: peace charm, heart peace sign, rainbow peace sign, BFF, Love with peace sign, happy daisy, polka dotted heart, rainbow, and purple and blue peace sign
• Spirit Fun pack: dance, cheer, soccer ball, ice cream cone, ballet shoes, cupcake, black and white polka dotted heart, strawberry, and teddy bear

The 1-Clip Hanging Charms uses 1-clip to hang or dangle from your rubber band bracelet. These charms come in a 6 charm variety pack:

• Animal pack: whale, alligator, ladybug, turtle, dolphin, and fish
• Fun pack: butterfly, apple, pink sandal, rainbow, flower, and bubble bee
• Sports pack: dance, shamrock, soccer ball, star, cheer, and BFF

These charms are so amazing; they fit perfectly with any kind of rubber band bracelet! Visit for the Rainbow Loom, refills for your Rainbow Loom and Fun Charms!

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